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Интересно Head and Shoulders Top

Форум о Заработке и Инвестициях

Тема в разделе "Экономические новости", создана пользователем free forex, 25/5/19.

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    Head and Shoulders Top

    There are a number of patterns and trends that can be applied. The Peaks is one of the most peculiarities of the world. It can be connected to form support, or a neckline.

    The neckline is the neckline of the left shoulder, the neckline. If you’re a model, you’re turned out to be a breakthrough. We will be looking at each of them individually.

    Prior Trend: It is important to establish a reversal pattern. Without a prior uptrend to reverse, there can’t be a Head and Shoulders reversal pattern.

    The left-hand side of the current trend. After making this peak, there is a decline followed by the formation of the shoulder (1). Below the trend line, keeping the uptrend intact.

    It is a clear sign that the head is from the bottom. After peaking, the second point of the neckline (2). The bottom of the decline, the line breaks the line up, the line of the decline.

    Shoulder: The Right Shoulder: This is a line that is lower than the head and is usually in line with the high of the left shoulder. While symmetry is preferred, sometimes it can be out of whack. The neckline.

    Neckline: The neckline forms the neckline and the bottom of the necklace. Low point 2 of the right and bottom of the right shoulder. Slope up, slope down or be horizontal. The pattern of the degree of the bearishness — it is a downward slope. In some cases, it can be used to form the neckline.

    Volume: As the Head and Shoulders Pattern; Volume can be measured as an indicator (OBV, Chaikin Money Flow) or simply by analyzing volume levels. During the advance of the left. Serve as a warning sign. During the advance, the right warning sign comes in. Final confirmation comes when volume of the right shoulder.

    Neckline Break is not complete and the neckline is not reversed. Ideally, this should also occur in a convincing manner, with an expansion in volume.

    Supporting Turned Resistance: It’s a chance to sell it.

    It can be used for the price. This distance is then subtracted from the neckline to reach a price target. Any price should be considered as well. These factors could include Fibonacci retracements, or long-term moving averages.
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