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Новость Bump and Run Reversal

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Тема в разделе "Экономические новости", создана пользователем free forex, 3/7/19.

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    Bump and Run Reversal

    The pattern was originally named the Bump and Run Formation, or BARF. Bulkowski decided that he would not be willing to make it. Bulkowski identified lead to bump, and run. For These will of the examine for We Phases and Also look AT the Forex Signals volume and pattern validation.

    1. Lead-in Phase: The first part of the pattern is a lead-in phase that can last one month or longer and forms the basis from which to draw the trend line. During this phase, the price is adjusted in an orderly manner. The trend line should be moderately steep. If it is too steep, then the ensuing bump is unlikely to be significant enough. For the future trend line break will occur too late. Bulkowski advises that an angle of 30 to 45 degrees is preferable. The size of the line will be scaled ( semi-log or arithmetic) and the size of the chart will be It is probably easier to assess.

    2. Bump Phase: The lead-in trend line. Ideally, it should be about 50% greater than that of the line. Roughly speaking, this would call for an angle between 45 and 60 degrees. If it is not possible to measure the angles, then a visual assessment will suffice.

    3. Bump Validity: This is what the bump represent. Bulkowski developed the technique of a technique to complete the sample. It should be noted that the distance between the line and the line should not exceed the line. This can be measured by the distance between the line and the trend-line. An example is provided below.

    4. Bump Rollover: After speculation dies down, prices begin to peak. Sometimes, a small double top or a series of peaks Part # Descending the forms an INSTEAD. Prices begin to decline.

    5. Volume: As the stock advances during the lead-in phase, the volume is usually average and sometimes low. As the advance accelerates.

    6. the Run Phase: of The the run phase Begins the when the pattern breaks support from the lead-in the Trend line. Prices will sometimes be up to the line before breaking through. Once the break occurs, the run continues.

    7. Support Turns Down Resistance: It is sometimes a retracement that it tests the newfound resistance level. Support-turned- Potential resistance a levels CAN Also the BE IDENTIFIED from the Reaction Within the lows a bump.

    The Bump and the Run of The Reversal pattern CAN the BE an applied to the Forex Signals daily, weekly or monthly charts. As stated above, it is recommended that you are unsustainable for a long period. It can be just as ferocious.
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